Ways to respond to the coronavirus pandemic

Caring for your neighbours near and far

The spread of coronavirus disease has created significant challenges for people around the world. We are heartened to see how communities across Canada have come together to support one another during these difficult times.

For the 821 million people facing hunger, the disruptions to food systems and economic slowdown will create new challenges, and add to their numbers. Now, more than ever, food assistance and protecting people’s livelihoods are essential.

Find resources below to GIVE, PRAY, LEARN and ADVOCATE for families affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch our 48-minute webinar with Foodgrains Bank executive director Jim Cornelius and partner staff from Lebanon and southern Africa on how COVID-19 will impact world hunger, and how we are working with members and partners to support vulnerable families.


The coronavirus pandemic is creating difficulties here at home, and we should all help others in our community where we can. In developing countries where many people are already facing hunger, the virus is a significant threat and will increase hunger rates. Just as grocery stores and expanded social safety nets are viewed as essential in Canada, our donor-funded food assistance programs are essential for families facing hunger where we work. If you are able, we encourage you to make a donation to support and sustain these programs. They are only possible with the support of compassionate people like you.


Prayer is an action you can take no matter where you are. As people of faith, we have a clear call to love our neighbour and feed the hungry. While we gather in places of worship, or are together virtually from our homes, it might be hard to know what to think, or what to pray. Our team has put together this short worship resource to help you reflect on this with your congregation. We’ve also gathered a collection of prayers for families affected by the coronavirus.


The Government of Canada regularly updates its website with the most recent facts, figures and resources to support Canadians during this uncertain time. For countries already facing long-running crises, the coronavirus disease is a huge threat. Learn more about the potential effects on vulnerable communities around the world, including those living in refugee camps and for undernourished children.

For those who are at home and looking for meaningful and educational activities, we’ve gathered a selection suitable for children, adults or small groups.


As Christians, we’re called to be a voice for those in need. The impact of the global health crisis will disproportionately harm those who are already vulnerable here in Canada, and in developing countries. The world needs our voice for love, kindness and compassion. Send an e-postcard to your MP to let them know you support Canada’s efforts to help people facing hunger, especially now. Share a message on Twitter, too!

We must protect vulnerable communities from #COVID19 in Canada & abroad. Thanks @karinagould for your leadership as Canada helps in developing countries where #Coronavirus is a huge threat to #foodsecurity. I urge all world leaders to work together. @JustinTrudeau @Bill_Morneau

Canada needs to work globally to address the impact of #COVID19 on vulnerable communities in Canada and around the world. Thank you @CanadaDev for recognizing the need to help families already facing hunger, so they can access safe & nutritious food. #endhunger #zerohunger

These are unprecedented and ever-evolving times. If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed, scared or depressed, please reach out and talk to someone. We’re all in this together.

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