Responding to the coronavirus pandemic

Caring for your neighbours near and far

The spread of coronavirus disease has created unusual and significant challenges for many people around the world. Canadian Foodgrains Bank is carefully monitoring the changing situation and adjusting plans to do our part to help stop the spread of the disease and keep people safe. As responsible citizens in this unprecedented global crisis, we all have a role to play.

Find resources below to GIVE, PRAY, LEARN and ADVOCATE for families affected by the coronavirus pandemic.


The coronavirus outbreak is creating difficulties here at home, and we should all start by helping others in our community where we can. If the virus spreads to areas of the world where people are already facing hunger it will hit really hard. Just as grocery stores and expanded social safety nets are viewed as essential in Canada, our donor-funded food assistance and feeding programs are essential for families facing hunger where we work. If you won’t be affected financially by the coronavirus, we encourage you to make a donation to support and sustain these programs. We cannot carry them out without your support.


Prayer is an action you can take no matter where you are. In this uncertain time, it’s hard to know what to think, and also what to pray. To help guide you, we’ve gathered a collection of prayers for families affected by the coronavirus. In your own prayers, please remember:

  • Those who have lost their loved ones, homes and hope.
  • Those who are imprisoned, homeless, landless, exiled or settled in refugee camps where conditions are crowded and social distancing is impossible.
  • Those who rely on food assistance for their daily food, from school meals, rations or food banks.
  • Those churches and organizations working to help.
  • The forgotten ones who are alone or can’t access healthcare where it is available.


The Government of Canada regularly updates its website with the most recent facts, figures and resources to support Canadians during this uncertain time. If you were planning on hosting a gathering or event in support of the Foodgrains Bank before May 1st, we ask that you postpone the event and contact your regional representative to reschedule. For events from May 1st onwards please stay up to date on public health advisories and you can learn about risk considerations to help you determine a way forward. For countries already facing long-running crises, the coronavirus disease is huge threat. Learn more about the potential effects on vulnerable communities around the world, including those living in refugee camps and undernourished children.


As Christians, we’re called to be a voice for those in need. When times are uncertain and we’re worried about our vulnerable neighbours near and far, the world needs your voice for love, kindness and compassion. Share a message on Twitter:

As we continue to better understand the implications of #COVID19, I stand with all those affected here in Canada and abroad. I urge @JustinTrudeau and all world leaders to work together in response to this global issue & ensure our world’s most vulnerable are supported.

We know that you are also concerned about the global community. For countries already facing long-running crises, the coronavirus is a huge threat. Far too many families around the world continue to face hunger, and the number will increase due to the pandemic and economic slowdown. We continue to work with our partners around the world to help sustain their programs and support their efforts to respond to the crisis.

Read a message from our executive director regarding the pandemic.

These are unprecedented and quickly changing times. If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed, scared or depressed, please reach out and talk to someone. We are all in this together.

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