The Government of Canada is matching donations to the Rohingya crisis until November 28. Help us respond!

Violence broke out in the northern Rakhine state at the end of August when Rohingya militants attacked government forces. According to the United Nations, the Myanmar government responded against the Rohingya with disproportionate violence.

Over half a million Rohingya people have escaped extreme violence and persecution in Myanmar and are seeking refuge across the border in Bangladesh.

Entire villages have been destroyed, and there has been widespread panic and flight.

Families are exhausted, and struggling to get by.

Bangladesh is struggling to cope with the influx of refugees, many of whom fled with few possessions and are deeply traumatized. Families are exhausted, and struggling to get by.

Until November 28, when you make a donation to our Rohingya Refugee Appeal, the Government of Canada will match that amount on a 1:1 basis. The government will then put that matched money into a collective fund with matching funds from other organizations across Canada. After November 28, organizations responding to the Rohingya crisis are chosen by the government to receive those funds.

Donations to our Rohingya Refugee Appeal are also eligible for 4:1 matching through our regular ongoing grant agreement with the Government of Canada.

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Toslima’s Story

One person who has been affected by the violence against the Rohingya people is Toslima, 18. Toslima gave birth to her baby on the run, as she fled Myanmar.

A stranger helped deliver him, with no hot water, no doctor and no midwife. He doesn’t have a name yet, as it is Muslim custom to wait seven days to name children in case they don’t live.

Despite her circumstance, Toslima is considered lucky in comparison to other Rohingya women – she fled with her husband at her side. The pair, along with their newborn son, now live in the Jamtoli refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

How is the Foodgrains Bank responding?

The Foodgrains Bank, through its members, is responding with two projects worth a combined total of $1 million through its members Emergency Relief and Development Overseas and World Renew. Both projects are supported by the Government of Canada.

Through the projects, 10,000 families (about 60,000 people) are receiving emergency food rations of oil, lentils, sugar and salt. These rations are complementing emergency rice rations being provided through the World Food Programme.

Through its members and their network of local partners, the Foodgrains Bank is monitoring the situation to see if an additional food response may be needed.

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Seeing the Rohingya Crisis in Person

What can Canadians do?


This prayer was written specially for the Rohingya crisis.

This prayer is one you can say to pray for people forced to leave their homes and live as refugees.

The following prayer lifts up the needs of people in desperate need.

Give: There is still much work to do. Help us respond by making a gift.