United Church of Canada

Connection to Canadian Foodgrains Bank

When you give, your contribution can be credited to the UCC account. UCC determines how those funds, and any Government of Canada matching funds, will be used.

UCC receives requests for food from its overseas partners. Each request is reviewed to ensure the food and support provided will improve the lives of the people receiving the assistance – in both the short and long terms.

Once planning is complete (including details to ensure safe and reliable delivery), Canadian Foodgrains Bank arranges the purchase and shipping of the food. UCC often works together with other Foodgrains Bank church members on shipments.

The United Church of Canada has been a member of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank since 1984.


The United Church was formed on June 10, 1925 in Toronto, Ontario, when the Methodist, Congregational Churches in Canada and 70 per cent of the Presbyterian Church in Canada entered into union. The United Church of Canada is the largest Protestant denomination in Canada. It ministers to over 3.5 million people in 4,100 congregations across the country.

A commitment to social justice at the national and international levels has characterized The United Church since its inception. The UCC’s support of churches and civil society overseas has been continuous, first through the missionary movement and later through partnership with national churches. Building and deepening just relationships with overseas partners and support of the global ecumenical movement are central ways in which UCC fosters the creation of just, participatory, and sustainable development.

Fore more information, visit the Website at www.united-church.ca.