Global Forum on Soil Stewardship


When: Thursday July 25th & Friday July 26th, 2019
Where: Ian N. Morrison Research Farm, Carman, Manitoba

On July 25- 26th the Foodgrains Bank is inviting farmers and other interested people to gather in Carman, MB for a learning and exchange event, centred on the importance of soil stewardship.

This will be an opportunity to interact with several agronomists directly involved in the Foodgrains Bank’s conservation agriculture (CA) program in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and other African countries. The agronomists will be present at the Foodgrains Bank CA demonstration plot at Ag in Motion in Saskatoon, as well as attending other sessions on CA  in a seminar prior to the public forum led by Dr Martin Entz of the University of Manitoba.

Tesfaye and Mogise Bukulo use conservation agriculture techniques to grow more and better food for themselves.

Why soil stewardship?

As an organization working to end global hunger, the Foodgrains Bank seeks to improve household access to food by supporting agricultural livelihoods, since globally the majority of food insecure families still live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Due to degraded soils, increasingly erratic rainfall, and a lack of agricultural supports, they struggle to have regular access to enough nutritious food to live healthy and active lives (food security). Through CA, many farmers have been finding greater success in growing enough on their smaller plots of lands to achieve food security. The Foodgrains Bank has been investing heavily in CA and support for small-scale farmers. This exchange is a great opportunity for African agronomists to learn from the experience of Canadian farmers on soil management including minimum-tillage and conservation farming methods.

What can you expect?

A properly mulched conservation agriculture farm land plot

As a Canadian farmer or agronomist, you can expect to have a chance to contribute to, and learn from, the Foodgrains Bank’s CA program, together with several African agronomist partners present. You will be able to share your own on-farm experience with them and with others gathered, and to learn from a variety of farmers and researchers working to better understand soil health. As a non-farmer, you will get to learn directly from African and Canadian farmers about soil health and stewardship, as well as contribute to conversations about food security and stewardship of the land.

All are invited to attend either or both days. See details below to help you determine your participation:

Thursday, July 25th

Friday, July 26th

Farmers, agronomists, those interested in deeper learning on soil health and conservation

Anyone interested in stewardship of soil, land, faith, and food security.

Coffee & Introductions
State of the World’s Soils – Keynote address
Panel: African agronomists’ learnings and Canadian farmers experience in soil stewardship

Coffee and snacks, introductions

Panel: 30 years of Growing Projects Stories of giving back
Fostering conversations on faith, farming, and land.

LUNCH provided

LUNCH provided

Soil health field research tour – led by Dr Martin Entz
Table discussions (exchange of learning on soil)

Site visit on research for the next 100 years (Led by Martin
Table discussions (What does it mean to be a steward; giving voice to stewardship, compassion, generosity)

Recap plenary

Table discussions (What does it mean to be a steward; giving voice to stewardship, compassion, generosity)

Supper & Evening networking

Supper BBQ & Celebration (Live music!)

Who can participate?

Thursday: Anyone involved and interested in agriculture and soil health is invited to participate in Thursday event. The Foodgrains Bank especially invites supporting farmers and agronomists in Canada to participate.

Friday: Open to anyone and everyone interested in the topic of faith and stewardship as it relates to food and agriculture. Note: Foodgrains Bank may need to limit the number of people attending based on facilities.

If you are interested in attending one or both days, please register by clicking on the button below to give us a bit more information so that we can accommodate you better. There will be a registration fee of $25 upon confirmation. For participants coming from longer distances, there is some funding available to help with travel and accommodation costs. Lunch and coffee break refreshments during both days will be covered by Canadian Foodgrains Bank.


Local accommodations

  • Oxbow Inn in Carman, MB (rooms are reserved)
  • Winnipeg hotels – Winnipeg is an hour and 15 min from Carman
  • Other nearby centres with hotels – Winkler, Morden, Elm Creek

There are some camping & RV options locally available: