Public Engagement/Education

Public Engagement

Public EngagementAt Canadian Foodgrains Bank, we recognize the importance of informed action to address global hunger and food insecurity. Informed Canadians are more engaged citizens, and are more likely to take action to contribute to the efforts of reducing global hunger.

Our Public Engagement program asks Canadians to respond to global hunger in four main ways:

Pray – We encourage Canadians to pray. As a faith-based organization, we believe in the power of prayer to connect people, build solidarity, and create a better world. We develop worship resources in order to help individuals, families, churches and communities in this important response.

Give – Donating money to the work of alleviating hunger is an important response. However, we also acknowledge the importance of giving time and expertise in one’s own community, church, or family.

Learn – We also ask you to respond to global hunger by educating yourself and others about the world and about the issues around hunger. We develop educational resources for educators of all age groups to help you with this, and send out updates through our Educators Network. We also work to educate and build solidarity by bringing visitors from our projects to visit Canadians, and sending Canadians to projects on learning tours.

Advocate – Canadians can also make a difference by speaking up for those whose voices are not heard. You can advocate to the Canadian government to change policies in order to make ending global hunger more feasible. You can also advocate to your community and your church on the issues of global hunger. Join us in our letter writing campaign, and join the Hunger Action Network to respond through advocacy.

If you are interested in having a speaker attend an event or worship service, please contact our public engagement staff at or one of our regional representatives. We’d be happy to connect with you.