Mpata Drought Mitigation Phase 2

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Project Type
  • Agriculture & Livelihoods
Presbyterian World Service & Development Fund

Presbyterian World Service and Development is supporting Church of Central Africa Presbyterian – Syond of Livingstonia with a three-year agriculture and livelihood project in the Mpata area, Karonga district.

A combined lack of rainfall at times and flooding at other times has led to a decrease in crop production in these areas. Many households are experiencing hunger. Additionally, households have no social protection or savings to purchase food elsewhere.

This project is responding by training households in conservation agriculture techniques, including minimal soil disturbance, crop rotations, mulching and use of cover crops.

Self-help groups will be formed and supported to help households raise funds to purchase agricultural inputs and act as an emergency fund for times of need.

Over the three years of the project, 500 farming households (about 2,500 people) will benefit from the project, which has a total budget of $301,000.