Increasing income in Rohingya refugee host communities

Long-term Response
Implementing Partner: Sustainable Association for Taking Human Development Initiatives
Lead Member: World Renew
People Served: 17,000
Budget: $834,000
Timeline: 2020-2023

World Renew is supporting Sustainable Association for Taking Human Development Initiatives with the first year of a three-year agriculture and livelihoods project.

The massive influx of Rohingya refugees in the Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh has overwhelmed and negatively impacted the area’s agricultural production and the ability for people in the host communities to make a living. Many people are struggling to get enough to eat.

Over three years, this project will target and work with 3,000 households (about 17,000 people) who may otherwise face hunger.

The project will improve access to food by supporting income generating activities, promoting nutrition and health practices, supporting women’s efforts and encouraging joint community action. Participants will be organized, trained, and supported in advocacy, running small businesses, and participating in local markets. Parents of young children will receive instruction on childhood nutrition.

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