Emergency food for Taiz Governorate

Emergency Food Assistance
Implementing Partner: Raeduun for Sustainable Development
Lead Member: Christian & Missionary Alliance
People Served: 3,800
Budget: $141,000
Timeline: October – November 2020

Christian and Missionary Alliance is supporting Raeduun for Sustainable Development with two months of food assistance in Al-Khukha district of Taiz Governorate.


Ongoing conflict is continuing to push Yemen’s people to the brink, leading to severe hunger and market instability. COVID-19 has exasperated the situation. Around 80 percent of Yemen’s population require some form of humanitarian assistance, particularly in the densely populated Taiz Governate, which is coping with an influx of displaced people.


Through this project, 622 displaced families (3,800 people) will receive six monthly food baskets of flour, beans, oil, sugar and salt.


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