Food assistance to meet persistent hunger needs in Binga

Emergency Food Assistance
Zimbabwe Emergency Food Assistance Project
Implementing Partner: Kulima Mbobumi Training Center
Lead Member: Mennonite Central Committee Canada
People Served: 14,500
Budget: $854,485
Timeline: August 2022 - March 2023

Mennonite Central Committee Canada is supporting Kulima Mbobumi Training Centre (KMTC) with a 4-month food for work project in 11 wards in Binga District, Matabelaland North Province, Zimbabwe.

This food assistance is being provided due to persistent hunger needs. The major problem currently faced is volatile food prices caused by weekly fuel price increases and hyperinflation. As a result, many households do not have the required purchasing power to afford enough food leaving them to face stressed to emergency food security levels.

In response this project will provide food-for-work activities with four monthly rations of maize meal, beans, and oil to 2,900 of the most vulnerable and food insecure households (approximately 14,500 beneficiaries). Vulnerable households include those with at least three children, pregnant or nursing
mothers, orphans, and elders.

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