Helping Colombian returnees receive food assistance

Emergency Food Assistance
Colombia Emergency Food Assistance Project
Implementing Partner: ZOA Colombia
Lead Member: World Renew Canada
People Served: 5,880
Budget: $1,104,617
Timeline: June 2022- January 2023

World Renew Canada is supporting ZOA Colombia with a six-month humanitarian food assistance project in La Guajira and Arauca Departments. Colombia continues to struggle to respond to the large migration of Venezuelan refugees that are fleeing from the Venezuelan economic and political crisis.

This is resulting in high food insecurity rates among refugees and host communities. Arauca and La Guajira departments face some of the highest food insecurity rates in the country with over 530,000 people estimated to need food assistance.

For six months, vulnerable refugee, Colombian returnees and host community households will receive a monthly cash voucher of up to 370,000 Colombian Pesos (approximately $120 CDN). Voucher amounts will be adjusted according to household size, according to Colombian government regulations, and can only be redeemed in local shops for food items.

5,880 people (1,176 households) will receive monthly cash vouchers.

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