Recovery from tropical storm Ana in southern Malawi

Emergency Food Assistance
Malawi Emergency Food Assistance Project
Implementing Partner: Churches Action in Relief and Development
Lead Member: Presbyterian World Service & Development
People Served: 12,500
Budget: $251,600
Timeline: February 2022 - April 2022

Presbyterian World Service & Development is supporting Churches Action in Relief and Development with a three-month humanitarian food assistance project in Mulanje District, Malawi.

In late January, southern Malawi was severely hit by tropical storm Ana which displaced close to two hundred thousand households and lead to severe food and crop losses. Mulanje District is one of the worst affected areas.

In response this project will provide two months of cash transfers to displaced households who currently live in schools and other designated shelters. The transfers will allow targeted households to purchase immediate food supplies from local markets. Each month, households will receive MK 25,000 (approximately $40 CDN) which is expected to cover the monthly minimum food requirements.

2,500 households (approximately 12,500 individuals) are planned to receive this assistance.

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