Emergency response project in Ethiopia

Emergency Food Assistance
Implementing Partner: Terepeza Development Association, Wolaita Kale Heywet Church-(WKHC-TDA)
Lead Member: Tearfund Canada
People Served: 12,730
Timeline: July - November 2021

Tearfund Canada is supporting Terepeza Development Association with a five-month food assistance project in Abela Abaya and Hobicha WoridasWolaita Zone, Ethiopia. The livelihoods of these communities are mainly dependent on agriculture. Long dry spells have lead to crop failures resulting in food shortages and lack of income sources.

The impact of COVID-19 is further compounding the situation due to market slow downs that is resulting in food shortages and high food and agriculture input prices. It is estimated that more than 50% are facing food shortages.

In response, this project will provide monthly food baskets between August and September (4 months) containing maize, beans and oils. Additionally, the project will provide a one-time agriculture input support to help rebuild livelihoods. Each participating farming households will receive 12.5 kg of grain seed which will cover a quarter hectare of land. A total of 2,552 households and their members will benefit from these activities, representing a total of 12,730 people. 

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