Emergency food in Gumuruk Payam

Emergency Food Assistance
South Sudan
Implementing Partner: ZOA South Sudan
Lead Member: World Renew
People Served: 8,000
Budget: $676,000
Timeline: February 2021 – June 2021

World Renew is supporting ZOA South Sudan with a five-month food assistance project in Gumuruk Payam, Jonglei State.

Ongoing conflict has forced people from their homes, impacted food availability and destroyed community infrastructure. Making matters worse, torrential rains resulted in flooding that destroyed crops, food stocks and killed off livestock in the last months of 2020.

Small-scale farmers were some of the most-affected people, and as a result, many households are currently facing catastrophic levels of hunger.

In response, this project will provide four months emergency rations of maize, beans, cooking oil and salt to 1,000 households (about 8,000 people). This emergency help is targeted toward child-headed households, widows, the elderly, people who have been forced to leave their homes, and others who are especially vulnerable.


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