Emergency food in Binga due to drought

Emergency Food Assistance
Implementing Partner: Kulima Mbobumi Training Center
Lead Member: Mennonite Central Committee Canada
People Served: 10,850
Budget: $378,000
Timeline: January 2021 – March 2021

Mennonite Central Committee is supporting Kulima Mbobumi Training Center with a three-month food assistance project in Binga District, Matabeleland North Province.

Many people in this area, a number of who are small-scale farmers, are facing hunger. This is the result of ongoing economic instability, consecutive droughts, and the continued impact of the global pandemic. They have lost cattle due to drought, and their harvests have also been poor due to lack of rain.

In response, this project is providing three monthly food baskets of maize, beans and oil to 2,170 households (about 10,850 people). The food will help them get by in the short-term, while also meaning they don’t need to abandon their farms and farming in search of casual labour.

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