Supporting families affected by conflict with monthly food baskets

Emergency Food Assistance
South Sudan
Implementing Partner: Faith Evangelical Baptist Church
Lead Member: Canadian Baptist Ministries
People Served: 4,600
Budget: $440,000
Timeline: July 2020 – March 2021

Canadian Baptist Ministries is supporting Faith Evangelical Baptist Church with a six-month food assistance project in Aweil West County, South Sudan, totaling $440,000.

This area is experiencing acute food insecurity due to ongoing population displacement caused by conflict, damage to food stocks from flooding in 2019, and the spread of COVID-19. Food insecurity is expected to peak during July and August due to poor harvests, low household food availability, high food prices and limited livelihoods.  Families who were displaced by conflict and returning to the area face additional challenges due to limited access to land, a lack of animal stocks and restricted income opportunities.

In response, this project will provide six monthly food baskets to 700 returnee households (approximately 4,600 people). Each month, households will receive a basket containing sorghum, wheat flour, lentils, cooking oil and salt. The most vulnerable and food insecure returnee households will be prioritized for assistance include pregnant or lactating women, orphans, elderly people, and those with disabilities or chronic diseases.

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