Food vouchers for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Emergency Food Assistance
Implementing Partner: Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development
Lead Member: World Renew
People Served: 4,000
Budget: $1,177,000
Timeline: April 2020 – March 2021

World Renew is supporting Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development with a 12 month food assistance response in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, northern Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley. This project is part of the Foodgrains Bank’s ongoing Syrian crisis response, which includes multiple projects implemented by various Foodgrains Bank members and their partners.

Lebanon is host to the highest per capita population of refugees in the world, which continues to put an enormous strain on social services, infrastructure and availability of employment. Despite the decrease in active conflict in Syrian, most Syrian refugees in Lebanon are not yet able to safely return home. Life in Lebanon is difficult. Jobs are few, and cost of living is high. Many refugees live in poverty, and struggle on a daily basis to get by.

This project will continue to provide monthly household food vouchers to 750 households (approximately 4,000 individuals). Monthly vouchers are valued at $80 USD per family and beneficiaries are able to redeem vouchers at local grocery stores to purchase food.

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