Food vouchers for Rohingya refugees and host communities

Emergency Food Assistance
Implementing Partner: Faith in Action
Lead Member: World Renew
People Served: 17,460
Budget: $485,000
Timeline: February 2020 - October 2020

World Renew Canada is supporting Faith in Action with six months of food assistance transfers for Rohingya refugees and host community households living in camp 23 in Cox’s Bazar District.

The mass migration of Rohingya refugees fleeing to Bangladesh from Myanmar in 2017 due to violence continues to be a large-scale humanitarian crisis. The World Food Programme is providing refugees in camp 23 with basic food rations of rice, pulses and oil, but this falls short in meeting their full caloric and nutritional requirements. Communities hosting Rohingya refugees are also feeling overstretched and many families are facing their own hunger.

In response, this project is complementing the World Food Programme food rations by providing 2,600 Rohingya refugee households with food vouchers. These vouchers will enable refugee households to regularly purchase additional food items from local shops, including chickpeas, dried fish, eggs and vegetables.

The project is using a similar voucher system to reach 580 vulnerable host community families living in and around camp 23. As these households are not covered by general food distributions, they will be provided with larger monthly voucher values so that they can also purchase staple foods like rice, pulses and oil.

The project is also improving the knowledge of both the Rohingya and host community about appropriate food habits, the need for balanced diets, and good food hygiene. Monthly training sessions are being conducted by community mobilizers and volunteers and will address general nutrition with special emphasis on the proper care and nutritional needs of pregnant women. In total 17,460 people are benefiting from project activities, which has a budget of $485,000.

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