Providing food and nutrition assistance for families in Kasai province

Emergency Food Assistance
Democratic Republic of Congo
Implementing Partner: Adventist Development and Relief Agency DRC
Lead Member: ADRA - Adventist Development and Relief Agency Canada
People Served: 5,000
Budget: $500,000
Timeline: February - May 2020

Adventist Development and Relief Agency Canada is supporting Adventist Development and Relief Agency DRC with a four-month integrated nutrition and food assistance project in Kasai province.

In August 2019, over 8,500 Congolese refugees were forced to return to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and settled in the Kasai region. This new wave of returnees has increased the already high levels of food insecurity in Kasai. Children are particularly affected, with an estimated 4.8 million children in DRC suffering from malnutrition.

This project aims to reduce severe and moderate acute malnutrition for 1,000 children under the age of five in Kasai and stabilize food consumption for their households. Children suffering from malnutrition are being selected through assessments to receive treatment. Health clinics will administer treatment, which will include ready-to-use therapeutic food and supplementary food provided by UNICEF.

Additionally, households of children receiving treatments are also receiving three monthly cash transfers to purchase immediate food supplies from local markets. In total, this project will benefit 5,000 individuals and has a budget of $500,000.

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