Improving agricultural production and food security for families in Pakur

Long-term Response
Implementing Partner: Evangelical Fellowship of India, Commission on Relief
Lead Member: Tearfund Canada
Supporting Member: The United Church of Canada, World Renew
People Served: 3,000
Budget: $353,000
Timeline: 2018 - 2021

Tearfund Canada is supporting Evangelical Fellowship of India, Commission on Relief with a three-year agriculture and livelihoods project in 26 villages of Pakur district.

This project targets marginalized hill tribe residents who often experience hunger. The difficult geographic location of their communities limits their ability to access safe water, health care, and education.

Low agriculture production, the degradation of their natural resource base, lack of employment opportunities and improper functioning of the government’s welfare programs also contribute to their difficulty in accessing enough food.

Training in kitchen gardening, livestock management, and nutrition practices from a previous project have helped to improve food security, but residents continue to face the challenges of soil degradation and water scarcity.

This project is training families in natural resource management, proper nutrition, sustainable agriculture practices, and water storage systems.

Severely malnourished children are also being monitored. 650 households are benefiting, representing about 3,000 people.

The total budget is $353,000.

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