Building sustainable farming livelihoods

Long-term Response
Implementing Partner: Résilience et Solidarité
Lead Member: ERDO - Emergency Relief & Development Overseas
People Served: 1,200
Budget: $281,000
Timeline: 2019-2022

Emergency Relief and Development Overseas is supporting Résilience et Solidarité with a three-year agriculture and livelihoods project in Marmont, Denisard, totaling $281,000.

The area experiences chronic poverty forcing many smallholder farmers to leave the region. Agriculture productivity is low due to poor soil conditions and farming practices. This project will work to improve food security and build sustainable livelihoods by training 200 smallholder farming households (benefitting approximately 1,200 people) on improved farming methods including organic fertilizer use.

This training is being delivered through farmer field schools and extension services. Farmers are also being provided with agricultural technologies, including tractor services and a variety of drought resistant crop seeds. In-community sugar processing mills are being established to increase sugarcane’s market value and reduce post-harvest loss.

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