Agriculture, nutrition and food preparation training for families in Fen River District

Long-term Response
Implementing Partner: Association of Evangelicals of Liberia
Lead Member: Tearfund Canada
People Served: 1,500
Budget: $630,000
Timeline: 2018 - 2021

Tearfund Canada is supporting Association of Evangelicals of Liberia with a three-year agriculture and livelihoods project in four clans of Fen River district, River Cess county, totaling $630,000.

Small-scale farming is the main livelihood activity of most families in this area. However, farmers are faced with challenges that make it difficult for them to produce enough crops to sustain their families. Many farmers do not have access to the information and support that would help them to improve how they farm.

Also, safe drinking water is not readily available for many families and there is little awareness about the importance of dietary diversity.

This project aims to increase the ability of farm families to access enough food by providing them with agricultural training and support. Information on the importance of proper nutrition, hygiene and sanitation and food preparation will also be provided.

Particular attention will be paid to ensuring women have access to the trainings. In total, 300 households (about 1,500 people) will benefit.

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