Agriculture, nutrition and food preparation training for families in Fen River District

Long-term Response
Implementing Partner: Association of Evangelicals of Liberia
Lead Member: Tearfund Canada
People Served: 1,500
Budget: $121,786
Timeline: 2018 - 2022

Tearfund Canada is supporting Association of Evangelicals of Liberia with a four-year agriculture and livelihoods project in four clans of Fen River District, River Cess County, Liberia.

Agriculture serves as the major source of livelihood for the areas this project will target. However, farmers face many challenges including lack of infrastructure, institutions, and economic access. Additionally, many farmers continue to practice agriculture methods that are harmful and not sustainable. These factors make it difficult for farmers to produce enough food to sustain healthy diets for households year-round.

The population is also faced with the lack of access to improved drinking water and sanitation, and lack of knowledge on dietary diversity that leads to inadequate food preparation and consumption.

This project’s aim is to increase food security through the provision of training to farmers on topics including improved agricultural techniques and vegetable production. Additionally, beneficiary households are receiving training on nutrition topics like food preparation, hygiene and sanitation, and the importance of a diverse diet.

This project is also working to ensure both women and men have equitable access to the trainings. The project is working with 300 households (approximately 1,500 individuals).

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