Training farmers to sustainably increase their rice production

Long-term Response
Implementing Partner: Canadian Baptist Ministries India
Lead Member: Canadian Baptist Ministries
People Served: 2,200
Budget: $52,000
Timeline: 2016 - 2020

Canadian Baptist Ministries is supporting Canadian Baptist Ministries India with a three-year agriculture and livelihoods project in Nalgonda & Warangal districts of Telangana State.

Highly variable weather and the effects of climate change are a challenge for small-scale farm families in these regions. Erratic rainfall and drought-like conditions mean farmers struggle to produce enough food to meet household needs. They regularly experience hunger and are often forced to take high interest loans to purchase food or farming inputs.

This project is increasing year-round food security in communities by training farmers in sustainably increasing their rice production. They are supported in seed selection, using water-efficient practices, improving pest management and kitchen gardening.

This project is working with 540 farming families (benefitting about 2,200 people).

The total budget is $52,000.

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