Training farmers in conservation agriculture to increase crop production

Long-term Response
Democratic Republic of Congo
Implementing Partner: Communatué des Églises de Pentecote en Afrique Centrale
Lead Member: ERDO - Emergency Relief & Development Overseas
People Served: 2,100
Budget: $211,000
Timeline: 2018 - 2021

Emergency Relief and Development Overseas is supporting Communatué des Églises de Pentecote en Afrique Centrale with a three-year agriculture project in Katana-Kabamba territory, South Kivu province, totaling $211,000.

Many people in the area are small-scale farmers who struggle to produce enough crops to support themselves. These households are struggling with the effect of conflict, erratic rain, lack of knowledge on sustainable farming practices, crop pests and diseases, and lack of seeds and tools.

This project will increase crop production by training farmers in conservation agriculture techniques. Conservation agriculture improves soil fertility and water retention through minimum tillage, permanent soil cover, and intercropping or crop rotations.

Over the three years, the project will benefit 300 farm families (about 2,100 people).

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