Improving crop and vegetable production in San Marcos region

Long-term Response
Implementing Partner: Mayan-Mam Association for Research and Development
Lead Member: Presbyterian World Service & Development
People Served: 1,950
Budget: $359,000
Timeline: 2016-2021

Presbyterian World Service and Development is supporting the Mayan-Mam Association for Research and Development with a five-year agriculture and livelihoods project in eight communities in the San Marcos region, totaling $359,000.

Many families own small plots of land that do not allow them to grow enough food to last the whole year.

Yields from these plots are low due to poor management, low soil fertility, lack of seed selection techniques, and poor plant population management. Crops are vulnerable to erratic weather patterns and to the attack of pests and diseases.

This project is responding by introducing and expanding the number and types of fruit trees grown, increasing and improving maize and vegetable production, developing sustainable reforestation practices, and introducing improved swine management practices.

250 families (about 1,950 people) are benefiting.

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