Project Proposals & Reports

Welcome to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank Guidelines for Preparing Proposals and Reports (Version – 2010).   This new guideline presents formats for developing a proposal or report (i.e.: Interim Report, Annual Report and End of Project Report).  And is now available in Spanish and French.

Before using the proposal and reporting formats, we strongly recommend that you read the first section of the guide – Introduction to Canadian Foodgrains Bank  This brief summary of our mission and activities will let you know more about Foodgrains Bank and help you to determine whether your project might be eligible for support.

Below are several links to helpful materials which will facilitate the development of a proposal or report.

  • TIPS information sheets, which are on a variety of topics
  • specific tools for environmental analysis, gender analysis, nutrition and health surveys, coping strategies, and dietary assessment.
  • templates and examples for developing a Logic Model, Performance Measurement Framework, budget and financial statements, and proposal samples.