Procurement Reference Manual

The Procurement Reference Manual will help you systematically work through the procurement process to ensure a professional, coherent and coordinated procurement process. In the appendix of the manual are templates of important procurement documents. Below is a list of the documents in a WORD format for you to adjust based on your specific project needs.

Appendix 1.1            Supplier Registration Form
Appendix 1.2.1         Sample Invitation to Tender
Appendix 1.3.2         Bag Marking Specifications
Appendix 1.4            Certificate of Origin Template
Appendix 1.5.1         Performance Bond Template
Appendix 1.5.2         Performance Bond Guidelines
Appendix 1.6            Tender Review Template
Appendix 1.7            Regret Letter Template
Appendix 1.8            Sample Sales Contract
Appendix 1.9.1         Surveyor Obligations
Appendix 1.9.2         Sample Surveyor Invitation to Tender
Appendix 2.1            INCOTERMS Categories
Appendix 2.2            Buyer/Seller Responsibilities and Risks