Presbyterian World Service & Development

Connection to Canadian Foodgrains Bank

When you give, your contribution can be credited to the PWS&D account. PWS&D determines how those funds, and any Government of Canada matching funds, will be used.

PWS&D receives requests for food from its overseas partners. Each request is reviewed to ensure the food and support provided will improve the lives of the people receiving the assistance in both the short and long terms.

Once planning is complete (including details to ensure safe and reliable delivery), Canadian Foodgrains Bank arranges the purchase and shipping of the food. PWS&D often works together with other Foodgrains Bank church members on shipments.

Presbyterian World Service & Development has been a member of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank since 1992.


The Presbyterian Church in Canada was formed in 1875 as an amalgamation of several Presbyterian churches. Initially called Inter-Church Aid, an organization was formed to provide support and disaster relief for post-World War II refugees.

In later years, it operated as a committee of volunteers responding to emergencies. By the 1970s, it was recognized that this “band aid” approach would not provide lasting improvements and was renamed Presbyterian World Service & Development.

Today, PWS&D provides disaster relief, long-term development, and development education. It is committed to sustainable development, involving men and women in activities that restore human dignity, ease the pain of want, promote self-help and encourage community cooperation that benefits all members. Development activities are sensitive to gender issues, empowerment of the marginalized and the protection of human rights.

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