Young women from multiple faith backgrounds share support for international development

Monday, February 04, 2019
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A group of young Canadian women and girls came together to create a video for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showing their support for Canada’s role in ending global poverty and hunger. (Photo: Musu Taylor-Lewis)

Over the holidays, young women from different faith background in the greater-Toronto area came together at The United Church of Canada head office to show their support for Canada’s commitment to ending global poverty and hunger.

Their reason for doing so was in support of International Development Week, taking place from February 3-9. International Development Week is a time set aside to celebrate Canada’s leadership in making a difference in the world, especially for women and girls.

The message read by the young women is from the back of a postcard addressed to the Prime Minister. It reads the following:

Dear Prime Minister,

Canadian aid plays a key role in making the world a better place for everyone. It’s what we aspire to be as Canadians—compassionate and generous. Let’s demonstrate these values and increase our support for the things we care about, such as ensuring everyone has enough food, helping those displaced by conflict, creating opportunities for women and girls to flourish, and enabling farmers and their communities to adapt to a changing climate. I am proud that Canadian aid is making a difference, and I believe we can do more for the 690 million people who go to bed hungry. As you decide how much Canada contributes toward ending global poverty, please remember that I care.

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