With your help, we did it!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020
Our News

We have some good news. As COVID-19 hit the world, . the Government of Canada provided us a special $2.3 million grant to help small-scale farmers impacted by the effects of the global pandemic. However, we needed to raise a contribution of $770,000

And thanks to more than 2,000 generous Canadians, we did it! And to top it off, the caring and generosity are all the more meaningful considering the troubling times we’re all living through at the moment.

Right now and continuing into 2021, our local partners and members are doing the following because of the support of compassionate Canadians like you:

  • Providing agricultural support services to help farmers increase their harvest.
  • Supporting community savings and loans groups, so farmers can buy seeds and other inputs.
  • Assisting farmers in getting crops to market.

These are farmers like Asnakech Zema, a farmer and mother of 8 living in Ethiopia. Over the past several years, she’s been improving her family’s crop yields by implementing conservation agriculture techniques. But when the pandemic hit in Ethiopia, stay-at-home orders could have impacted her farm and her access to things like agriculture support and inputs. But thanks to generous donations, our partner staff have been able to continue supporting Asnakech and other community members through the pandemic.

On behalf of our program staff, our members, and most of all, the people like Asnakech and her family who are being helped through this program, thank you.

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