Webinar: How will COVID-19 affect world hunger?

Thursday, April 23, 2020
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The spread of COVID-19 has created significant challenges for people at home in Canada and abroad. For the 690 million people facing hunger around the world, the disruptions to food systems and economic slowdown will come as another blow and add to their numbers.

On Thursday, April 23 Foodgrains Bank executive director Jim Cornelius shared a live update on how COVID-19 will impact global food security and what the Foodgrains Bank is doing to support vulnerable families at this time. Jim was also joined by Nadia Khouri, who works with World Renew in Lebanon, and Lilian Zheke, who works with our members in southern Africa, as they speak firsthand about the impact of the virus in their communities. Watch the full webinar below:

We know you are facing challenges related to the virus as well. We stand with you and pray for you. As is often said, we all are in this together.

We also draw strength from you and thank you. Your concern and support for your global neighbours enables our members to continue helping vulnerable families around the world amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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