Recipe for Ending Global Hunger

Friday, November 2, 2012

In 2013, we received requests for more than 10,000 postcards from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank website and around 70,000 from Foodgrains Bank members. We received news from the Prime Minister’s office that it confirmed receipt of more than 35,000 postcards. Our goal was to make sure the Prime Minister knows that Canadians care about ending hunger and poverty, and that Canada plays an important role. With your help, we achieved that goal.

Be part of the public voice on global hunger! Learn more about the Foodgrains Bank’s education and advocacy work. You can also participate in the work of ending hunger with your pen through the annual Harvest of Letters program. Look under Get Involved at the Foodgrains Bank website or contact your Regional Coordinator for more details. Keep up-to-date by joining the Hunger Action Network email list.

-James Kornelsen, Public Engagement Coordinator