Foodgrains Bank calls for prayers for farmers in India   

Monday, January 25, 2021
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Canadian Foodgrains Bank is calling for prayers for a peaceful resolution to farmer protests in India.

The Indian government has proposed new laws that farmers say will prevent them from selling their produce for a fair wage, while also failing to protect them from exploitation and corporate takeovers. The government’s response has been that the new laws will give farmers more freedom.

“We hope and pray the Indian government and Indian farmers can have a fruitful and peaceful dialogue,” says Foodgrains Bank executive director Andy Harrington. “We invite Canadians to join us in praying for a peaceful resolution to the protests, resulting in better livelihoods and food security for the whole of India.”

Farming is a large part of India’s economy. The majority of rural families in India earn a livelihood via farming, most of them being small-scale farmers.

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