Earth Day Worship Resources

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April 22 is Earth Day – a day to show our care for God’s good earth and to recognize the challenges faced by many of the world’s poorest people as they struggle to adapt to changing weather patterns and grow enough food to feed their families.

Earth Day points us back to the Creator in our work and worship. The covenant we have with God to protect the earth, soil, and water is connected to our responsibility to those around the world who don’t have enough to eat.

The following prayers and worship resources are opportunities to call your church into a time of praise and thanksgiving, and also to invite your worshipping community to respond with ways to be good stewards of the earth.

Call to worship: Praise be to God!
Praise be to God,
who rescues us from the power of darkness;
who redeems us, and sets us free!
See continued.

Psalm 148: Summoning All Creation to Praise
Praise the Lord from the heavens;
praise him in the heights.
Praise him, all you his angels;
give praise, all you his hosts.
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Confession: Stewards of Creation
When we are unkind to people,
when we are careless with animals,
when we choose the cheapest or easiest,
when we don’t care about the consequences of our choices…
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Squiggly-Wiggly-Ville: A Children’s Sermon on Caring for the Earth
Some of you have perhaps heard of a very important city known as Squiggly-Wiggly-Ville. What you might not know is that there was a time when the citizens of Squiggly-Wiggly-Ville had a very poor reputation. People said that they were dirty; that the only time they ever took a shower was when it rained and they went outside. People thought they were disgusting, and that they would eat garbage.
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Prayer of Thanksgiving: You Give Life to Life!
Lord, you give life to life!
From Day One,
your Spirit brooding over the deep,
your wind rushing, your breath filling.
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Prayer of Commitment: People of Hope
In a world that selfishly lives for the moment,
without thought for whatever evil we may be causing the future,
we thank you, God, for commanding us to be people of hope.
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