Christian farmers in Ontario show overwhelming community support for Foodgrains Bank

Monday, December 20, 2021
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Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario

This year’s campaign will make a tangible difference for people who face hunger.

Andy Harrington, Canadian Foodgrains Bank executive director

This giving season, the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (CFFO) hosted a matching donation campaign for members, altogether raising just over $48,000 for Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

The donation comes as part of a partnership launched this year between CFFO and Foodgrains Bank. Both organizations were founded by Christian farmers in Canada, and they share a similar desire to improve food security.

To celebrate the partnership and kick off the giving season, CFFO invited members to participate in a month-long matching donation campaign up to $10,000. CFFO members far exceeded expectations for the CFFO Giving Tuesday Campaign by donating over $33,000.

The CFFO Board of Directors was overwhelmed by the generosity of CFFO members and decided to increase its original matching commitment by an additional $5,000, bringing the campaign total to $48,000.

“The generosity of our members is truly admirable,” says CFFO board president, Ed Scharringa. “The Board of Directors felt that such generosity should be acknowledged, so we were pleased to increase our original matching goal. CFFO members make up a small proportion of the farming population in Ontario, but we are one amazing community!”

Several farm commodity groups joined in the effort by sharing CFFO’s Giving Tuesday Campaign with their members, adding to the community spirit.

“We knew this partnership made a lot of sense, but we’ve been humbled by the generosity of this community and even more so by the CFFO board increasing their matching funds,” says Andy Harrington, executive director of Canadian Foodgrains Bank. “This year’s campaign will make a tangible difference for people who face hunger. It’s such a testament to what this Christmas season is all about. I’m looking forward to our continuing partnership.”

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