Canadian Foodgrains Bank Celebrates Canada’s Agriculture Day

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Forty years ago, farmers in western Canada responded to a call to help people who were hungry in the developing world —and the organization that would become Canadian Foodgrains Bank was born.

To this day, support from Canadian farmers is at the heart of the Foodgrains Bank.

Grow Hope Manitoba Harvest in 2016.

February 16, 2017 is Canada’s Agriculture Day – a day to celebrate Canadian agriculture and the important role it plays in Canada and around the world.

Through growing projects, groups of people plant, tend and harvest a crop, then sell it to raise money for the Foodgrains Bank. Proceeds from the sale of the crop are then donated to the Foodgrains Bank.

From British Columbia to Prince Edward Island, there are hundreds of growing projects and farmers across Canada that donate their land, time and crops to help end global hunger.

In some cases, growing projects invite urban Canadians to join their efforts.


“Colleen and I have been farming for 15 years,” says Grant Dyck, who donates land for a growing project near Niverville, Manitoba.

“We’ve been very blessed, and we’ve always had a heart for those less fortunate, so this project is a way of contributing to helping those in need.”

As part of Grant and Colleen’s growing project, called Grow Hope Manitoba, non-farmers are invited to sponsor an acre of land to cover seed and other input costs. In return, they watch their acre grow and join Grant and Colleen for a harvest celebration of the crop.

In 2015, Grow Hope Manitoba raised over $90,000 for the Foodgrains Bank. Which, with matched funding from the Canadian government, grew to much as $460,000 for Foodgrains Bank member Mennonite Central Committee Canada’s food assistance work in the developing world.

“There are people in need,” says Grant Dyck. “We want to contribute to ending that need any way we can.”

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