Canadian educators visit humanitarian assistance projects in Nepal

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Educators from across Canada are in Nepal visiting humanitarian assistance projects with Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

The purpose of the tour is to familiarize teachers, youth leaders, and other youth educators with the issues around hunger, and allow them to explore the impact of Canada’s overseas development assistance.

Participants will contact their elected officials upon return home, and share their thoughts and impressions from the tour in their communities.

Tour participants will visit projects funded by the Foodgrains Bank and Global Affairs Canada and learn firsthand about the issues surrounding global hunger and the people whose lives it affects.

“Most of communities we’re visiting depend on small-scale agriculture for their livelihoods,” says Roberta Gramlich, who coordinates youth engagement for the Foodgrains Bank. “They are isolated and remote, with little access to health care, education and markets. Hunger and malnutrition are common.”

“Our hope is that by allowing Canadian educators to hear the stories of people in Nepal who are experiencing hunger or who have experienced hunger in the past, they will be impacted personally and be better equipped to share about global hunger issues with the youth they’re engaged with,” adds Gramlich.

Tour participants will be staying with local Nepalese families for part of the trip, allowing them to build stronger first-hand connections.

“Homestays are often one of the most powerful parts of the trip,” says Gramlich. “I’m excited to see the connections and memories that are built.”

“We’ll be looking at the impact of Canada’s contribution to ending hunger in developing countries, exploring what food security looks like in a Nepalese context, as well as small-scale agriculture and our role as global citizens.”

The two-week long tour runs from the end of January to early February.  It includes visits to Canadian Foodgrains Bank projects, other projects funded by Global Affairs Canada, interacting with Nepalese farmers, and visits to important Nepalese sites and marketplaces

For more information or to arrange an interview, contact Amanda Thorsteinsson at or 204.926.4233.

–Amanda Thorsteinsson, Communications Coordinator