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Sunday, September 12, 2021
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Ahlam Said (left), Popular Aid for Relief and Development (PARD) Assistant Programme Manager, and Malak Khalil, PARD staff, assist a recipient* at a distribution of food vouchers to refugees from Syria. The distribution for 1,592 individuals (379 households) in the Maashouk, Jal al Baher, Qassimeyieh, Kfarbadda, Wasta, Jimjeem and Aitaniyyeh areas of South Lebanon took place in March 2021 as part of a larger project supported by Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) that provides monthly food vouchers in Palestinian gatherings in Beirut and South Lebanon. *Name withheld for security reasons.

The Government of Canada continued to partner with the Foodgrains Bank and its members in responding to hunger around the world.

In 2020-21, this included the following:

  • Supporting our emergency food and nutrition assistance work through the fifth year of a $125 million matching grant agreement.
  • Providing support through the final year of our five-year Scaling-Up Conservation Agriculture in East Africa program in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya.
  • A special matching grant to help small-scale farmers in Africa cope with the economic effects of the pandemic.

Staff members from Popular Aid for Relief and Development, the local partner of our member Mennonite Central Committee Canada, assist a participant at a food voucher distribution for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. (Photo: Popular Aid for Relief and Development)

Pandemic relief from the Government of Canada

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, small-scale farmers in Africa were severely affected by the economic consequences of limitations on movement and gatherings.

A special $2.3 million matching grant from the Government of Canada allowed us to come alongside farmers participating in sustainable agriculture projects in five African countries to help programs adapt to the new needs created by the pandemic.

Foodgrains Bank supporters donated an additional $700,000, bringing the total value of the program to $3 million. Project activities included:

  • Providing agricultural support services to help farmers stabilize and sustain their crop production.
  • Facilitating community savings and loans groups, so farmers could buy seeds and other inputs.
  • Assisting farmers in getting crops to market.

Highlights of results from the special COVID-19 matching grant

  • 186,413 people accessed agriculture support services such as phone calls, text messages, radio, megaphones, field visits, small group trainings and brochures.
  • 35,000 pieces of PPE were provided (masks, hand washing supplies, hand washing stations in markets.)
  • 22,780 farmers received inputs like crop storage bags, chickens, seeds and goats.
  • 16,149 people took part in marketing groups to help them increase earnings from their crops.

This story was featured in the 2021 Annual Report. Download or order your copy here.

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