Getting Started

Starting a growing project or community project is one way to contribute to the fight against world hunger, and help people affected by war, drought, or other disaster. You can also choose to designate your donation to the longer-term work of helping poor farmers around the world learn better farming techniques.

Sharing this interest with others in the community can lead to the creation of a growing or community project committee. There may be a chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer, publicity person, and someone who looks after farm inputs. Each project has its own structure.

How have other projects started?

  • Organized by a church or group of churches
  • Formed by a group of farmers
  • As small as one-quarter acre or as large as 300 acres
  • A collective effort involving everyone in your community

We can help

Our regional reps are excited to help you get started! We are available to meet with you and your group, in person or by phone, to provide support in the form of information and/or ideas and to share stories with you about other projects in your province.

We have a number of printed materials available free of charge that you can share at a community meeting or event. If you are interested in promotional items we have these available as well.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Ball.