Volunteer Opportunities for Accounting Professionals

DRC-accountingPeriodically, the Foodgrains Bank is in need of professional accountants to help us conduct financial reviews of partner agencies in the field. These partners implement programs in over 35 developing countries worldwide that range from meeting immediate food needs to reducing malnutrition and helping achieve sustainable food security.

Financial accountability is important to the Foodgrains Bank but we must still remain mindful of our administrative costs. Without volunteer help we would be unable to ensure that donated funds are completely accounted for or give advice and support to partner agencies like how to strengthen their accounting systems and reporting.

Reviews are conducted by teams consisting of two or more professional accountants. Each review typically spans three or four days with three to four reviews scheduled in a region within one overseas trip. The total time commitment is between two to four weeks, with trips being scheduled throughout the year.

All arrangements are made by Canadian Foodgrains Bank with related costs covered by us as well.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a faith based charity. Volunteer accountants must hold a recognized professional accounting designation and support the mission of Foodgrains Bank.

Want to find out more? Contact Natasha Fedak at nfedak@foodgrainsbank.ca