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The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Canada’s support for ending poverty and hunger outside our borders is part of our Canadian values. We value compassion and generosity towards others. Canadian aid is also an important part of Canada’s overall foreign policy goals for a more peaceful, stable and prosperous world. Yet Canada’s official development assistance as a share of Canada’s wealth is the lowest in 50 years. Let the Prime Minister know that you support an increase in the aid budget, and that you believe we can do a better job of meeting our international commitments.

Canada can and should do more to help end global poverty & hunger. I support an increased aid budget that will help build healthy, safe and prosperous communities around the world. That’s good for Canada and good for the world! @JustinTrudeau #CanadaAid #MoreAid4Ag

The Honourable Karina Gould, Minister of International Development

Over the last few years, Canada has made improving gender equality and empowering women and girls central to its international assistance. Canada has made important contributions to grassroots women’s organizations, health initiatives, education and more. At the same time, aid for agriculture is decreasing. And hunger is on the rise. Many of those facing food insecurity are women. In fact, in the world’s poorest countries, 79 percent of working women work in agriculture. If Canada wants to empower women and end poverty, it needs to increase support for agriculture, especially for women food producers. And Canada should do this within a growing aid budget. Let Minister Gould know that you would like Canada to do more to support struggling food producers, especially women.

Global hunger is on the rise, but aid for agriculture is falling. Most women in poorest countries farm for a living, but they struggle due to climate change & gender inequality. Canada should do more to empower women farmers! @karinagould @Foodgrains #MoreAid4Ag #CanadaAid

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

From drought in Zimbabwe to flooding in Indonesia and rising ocean levels forcing mass displacement in the Solomon Islands, those in developing countries are hardest hit by the impacts of climate change. They are also the least equipped with the resources needed to adapt to it. Many small-scale farmers around the world are struggling to make a living and feed their families due to unpredictable weather caused by climate change. Canada gives far less than its fair share of international climate finance, based on its relative wealth, and only 25 percent of this goes to helping those most impacted adapt. Addressing climate change globally is not only our responsibility as a developed nation, but beneficial to all of us. Speak up and let Minister Wilkinson know that you expect more from this government.

Climate change has serious impacts on livelihoods, health and food systems in developing countries. Canada can do more to support those most in need. I urge Canada to scale-up CC finance, especially to help women adapt. @JonathanWNV @Foodgrains #MoreAid4Ag

The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

Minister Freeland has taken on the important job of preparing the federal government’s budget every year. Each budget requires difficult choices between areas to spend more on, and areas to cut. This is especially true now as Canadians grapple with how best to confront the social and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Some people think we should solve problems in Canada before we help others overseas. But global problems, like COVID-19, don’t know borders—and Canadian aid is good for Canada and for the world. Tell Minister Freeland you believe it’s in Canada’s best interest to do its fair share and be more generous in its global commitments.

Helping other countries tackle hunger & poverty builds a healthy, prosperous & hopeful world that benefits us all. I support increasing Canada’s aid budget to create a better world here and abroad! We can and should do more. @cafreeland @Foodgrains #MoreAid4Ag #CanadaAid