Friend-to-Friend Fundraising

Educator's tour photoThanks for your interest in holding a Friend-to-Friend fundraiser for Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Our Friend-to-Friend donation pages are an online way you can invite friends, family, co-workers, teammates, church members, staff, customers, neighbours, relatives to support your efforts to help hungry people.

To set up a Friend-to-Friend page, click the Friend-to-Friend page button at the bottom of this page and fill out the form.  Click on submit and your fundraising idea will be sent to us for approval.

Once approved, your page will go live and you will receive an e-mail from us with the link to your page—which you can then send to your friends so they can donate to your fundraiser.

You can hold any kind of fundraiser you like. For example, you could hold a walk-a-thon,  coffeehouse, supper, poetry-reading, or any other kind of event, and charge admission or solicit donations from people who can physically be there—and invite those who can’t come to make a donation towards your fundraising goal by using your Friend-to-Friend page.

It’s also great for Christmas; you can tell people what you really want this year is for people to have enough to eat. A donation through your Friend-to-Friend page will be your gift to those who struggle to get enough food.

To set up your fundraising page, choose from the selections below:


Growing Projects

Here is a list of all current Friend-to-Friend fundraising pages.

Questions?  Contact Tami Duff, Resource Coordinator at 1-800-665-0377 or Thank you for your part in helping to end global hunger.