Felex Ncube, Zimbabwe

Ending hunger during a pandemic

For the first part of the pandemic, Felex Ncube, field officer for Kulima Mbobumi Training Centre, was unable to visit his wife and children at their home because of Zimbabwe’s curfews and limitation of movements. Yet he continued to serve and innovate with his KMTC colleagues. Their project provides conservation agriculture training and support for small-scale farmers who regularly experience hunger.

Felex and his team also connect farmers to a commercial miller, the local grain marketing board, and provide farmers with sorghum, pearl millet, cowpea and groundnut seeds.

The staff at KMTC training centre in Binga district, Zimbabwe had to find new ways to reach the small-scale farmers they were training prior to the government lockdown. Many farmers in Binga district are experiencing hunger due to the pandemic and accompanying lockdowns.

In Felex’s own words:

“During a pandemic, it takes a lot of resources to fight hunger. We had to review our work plan to incorporate COVID-19 sensitive activities and approaches. We also began using mobile phones, fliers, posters and doing one-on-one sessions (with farmers).

All workers are encouraged to be ambassadors of the fight against COVID-19 both at home and their workplace. I, like any other employee at KMTC, wash my hands frequently, maintain social distance, and use sanitizers from time to time. We have been provided with the necessary protective equipment for protection against the spread of the virus. For example, each employee was given four reusable masks.”

We are grateful for the work done by Felex, and the whole team at KMTC in Zimbabwe. Thank you for all you do!