Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada

Connection to Canadian Foodgrains Bank

When you give, your contribution can be credited to EMCC account. EMCC determines how those funds, and any CIDA matching funds, will be used.

EMCC receives requests for food from its overseas partners. Each request is reviewed to ensure the food and support provided will improve the lives of the people receiving the assistance – in both the short and long terms.

Once planning is complete (including details to ensure safe and reliable delivery), Canadian Foodgrains Bank arranges the purchase and shipping of the food. EMCC often works together with other Foodgrains Bank church members on shipments.

Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada has been a member of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank since 1998.


The Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada originated in the North American revival movements of the late nineteenth century. Many of its first members came out of churches deeply rooted in the Mennonite tradition.

In addition to its commitment to being a biblical church, the Evangelical Missionary Church recognizes the contribution of John Wesley’s emphasis on sanctification, the Anabaptist/Mennonite concepts of community as well as the brotherhood and the believer’s church.

The Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada emphasizes redemption through Christ as the only means of salvation. The church is committed to Scripture as the primary source of doctrine and life.

For more information, visit the Website at www.emcc.ca.