Working to end hunger amidst a global pandemic

Stories from Yemen, Colombia, India and Zimbabwe

Meet some of the people around the world working to end hunger in their own communities.

Daniel Pedraza, Colombia

Daniel Pedraza is the program manager for ZOA Colombia. Throughout the pandemic, he and his team have ensured Venezuelan migrants have access to emergency food. ZOA is the partner of Foodgrains Bank member World Renew.

Felex Ncube, Zimbabwe

Felex Ncube is a field officer for Kulima Mbobumi Training Centre. He provides support for small-scale farmers struggling to grow enough food to support their families. KMTC is the local partner of Foodgrains Bank member Mennonite Central Committee Canada.

Alya Humaidi, Yemen

Alya Humaidi helps ensure that families facing extreme hunger in her home country of Yemen receive the emergency food they need to survive. She is a staff member of ADRA Yemen, and she works on projects supported by the Foodgrains Bank member ADRA Canada.

Pabitra Paramanya & Mukul Harishchandra, India

Pabitra Paramanya and Mukul Marishchandra coordinate food security work for Foodgrains Bank member Mennonite Central Committee in India. Their work throughout the pandemic has helped ensure programs helping farmers and families improve their crops and livelihoods continue on, despite the many challenges.

We are profoundly grateful to Daniel, Felex, Alya, Pabitra, Mukul, and indeed, all frontline workers around the world who are making a difference in their communities while we come together during this pandemic. Thank you for all you do!