South Huron Growing Project

Map showing locations of growing projects across Canada

In 2020, local farm family and business, Jeff Borland – Huron Perth Ag Service Inc., in cooperation with the South Huron Foodgrains Project donated corn and soybeans to help supplement the lack of in person events. Through their donation to the Foodgrains Bank, they saved lives, donated food, improved family nutrition and hygiene, aided children with severe acute malnutrition, donated seeds to grow crops, and helped train farm families around the world in improving their crops.

Members of the South Huron Foodgrains Project are Centralia-Zion West, Elimville-Thames Rd United churches, and Exeter United church.

Committee members include Tom Prout, Ivan Hern, Brent Caslick, Ken Agnew, Gordon Jones, George Pratt, Murton Brock, Larry Lynn, Brent Dawson, and Herman Steffens. Thanks everyone for your help.

Thank you for your donation!

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 church and church-based agencies working together to end global hunger.