Nature+ Program

Does Climate Change Lead to Hunger?

Your gift will help communities in Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe reduce their vulnerability to climate change, and improve their own food security by helping restore healthy landscapes.

Any funds raised above the intended goal will be used for other appeals.


Canadian Foodgrains Bank is deeply conscious of the trust placed in us by thousands of Canadians in ensuring your gifts are used wisely. Thanks for partnering with us in the work of ending global hunger.

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It doesn’t have to.

The Nature+ program works to restore landscapes. Why? To revitalize food systems and build more resilient communities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. These countries are home to natural landscapes that are rich in biodiversity but are greatly threatened by increasing land degradation. The program seeks to meet the needs of the land itself, its inhabitants, and the institutions that operate there through a landscape approach to improved food systems.

With your support, we can help farmers and their families overcome the challenges of biodiversity loss, unhealthy soils, and poverty. Your contribution will help us train 75,000 women and men to implement various nature-based solutions, such as conservation agriculture, improved water management, and integrated crop and livestock systems.

This work will lead to more resilient livelihoods while also impacting people living in surrounding communities with stronger access to food and restored landscapes for the future.

Join us in making a difference today!

Can food grow here? These photos are taken from areas where we are working. They show the devastated landscapes that make farming incredibly difficult for small scale farmers who need to feed their families. Your donation will not only change the way these landscapes look, they will help improve the livelihood of the people who live here. It’s long term work – but every single person here is worth our efforts.

    This program is supported by the Government of Canada, increasing the impact of your donation.