Jubilee Acres Growing Project

Map showing locations of growing projects across Canada

Beginning in 1997, the Jubilee Acres project began when the Kraemer family farming business wanted to donate their small profit and hoped it would go far. After a presentation from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a small group of directors, coordinators, farm input providers, donors and supporters started the beginnings of Jubilee Acres. The name was chosen in honor of the upcoming Christian Jubilee Year 2000.

Each year, the 10 acre plot on the home farm at Greenock provides corn, beans or wheat for sale and donation to Foodgrains Bank. Due to COVID-19, a drive though take-out in the fall makes up for the loss of Jamboree fundraising. We are thankful for the continued support in these challenging times!

If you are interested in being part of our team, please email julekraemer@wightman.ca.

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Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 church and church-based agencies working together to end global hunger.