Development and Peace-Caritas Canada

When you give to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, your contribution can be credited to Development and Peace–Caritas Canada account. Development and Peace, as it is more commonly known, will determine how contributed funds and any matching funds from the Canadian government will be used.

Among other things, Development and Peace receives requests for food and food-related initiatives from its overseas partners. Each such request is reviewed to ensure the food and support provided will improve the lives of the people receiving the assistance with their own participation and ownership, in both the short and long terms.

Once planning is complete (including details to ensure safe delivery and reliable distribution), the Canadian Foodgrains Bank arranges the purchase and shipping of the food or the transfer of the money. Where appropriate, Development and Peace collaborates with other Foodgrains Bank member churches in organizing support for overseas partners.

Development and Peace has been a member of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank since 2007.


Development and Peace was created in 1967 by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops with the mandate of educating the Canadian public to the needs of developing countries and of providing financial support to socio-economic development projects and programs throughout the then called “Third World”.

Rooted in biblical values and the “preferential option for the poor”, Development & Peace is one of Canada’s foremost international solidarity, development, relief and education organizations.

Its development, human rights and justice programming in the Global South is the product of ongoing partnerships with over 200 secular, church and civil society organizations throughout Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. In its role as Caritas Canada, the organization is responsible for mobilizing Catholic response to natural and man-made disasters wherever and whenever these may occur.

An independent and democratic movement within the Catholic Church, Development and Peace relies on a network of more than 14,000 members and volunteers, the primary animateurs of its in-Canada education, advocacy, and fundraising programs.

Development and Peace seeks to act in concert with progressive social forces, agencies and networks at the national and international levels. In Canada, it maintains a network of regional offices and a professional staff of seventy five.

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