From Manitoba to Kenya, celebrating the strength of women farmers

Walking side by side with Lucy in her daily life in Kenya as a woman, mother, farmer, and community role model felt like a university education all on its own,” Colleen Dyck.

Colleen Dyck, a farmer and entrepreneur from Niverville, Manitoba, travelled to western Kenya to live and work alongside small-scale farmer Lucy Anyango.

Colleen and Lucy’s experiences were documented in a short film called Common Strength, which explores the important role women play to end hunger in their communities. Watch the full 23-minute documentary below:

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Lucy is a participant of a Foodgrains Bank project through World Renew, supported by Canadian aid from the Government of Canada. With a bit of support, Lucy has flourished. She has transformed her farm into something she can rely on to produce crops to sell and eat. And she shares her skills with other farmers, creating positive rippling effects for many families who are also facing hunger.

If you were touched by Lucy’s story, you can take action to support more farmers like her. Let your member of Parliament know you support increased Canadian aid to help end hunger for farm families around the world. Send an e-postcard today!

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If you enjoyed the documentary, share with your friends and family or organize an online screening in your community. Some resources to help you organize your screening:

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Send an e-postcard today to support farmers like Lucy.
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