With the war in Syria entering its eighth year, it’s easy to get lost in the facts and figures.The enormity of the need can overwhelm us.

• 5.5 million who have fled the country as refugees.
• 6.1 million displaced within Syria.
• 33 percent of housing across Syria has been destroyed.
• 13.1 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.

What can help is putting a face on the crisis–meeting some of the people affected by the crisis and hearing their stories.

What can help is putting a face on the crisis–meeting people affected by the crisis and hearing their stories.

These are people like Mustafah and Fatiya Al-Nadilsy who live in the sprawling Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. “I feel like a caged animal,” says Mustafah. “I get up, I eat, I go to bed. There is nothing to do . . . Please help me . .  .”

Or like  Owsama and Rasmiyah, who have found shelter with their children in an abandoned hospital in Beirut, Lebanon. “We had a good life in Syria,” Owsama says. “We had our own house,” Rasmiyah adds. “Now we have to pay rent and he has no job.”

Then there is Haitham, who is just ten years old. He should be in school, playing with his friends, just being a kid.

Instead, the young Syrian refugee works at a garage in Beirut from 8 AM to 9 PM, making just $20 a week. “I don’t like it, but what can I do?” says his mother Sidra. “We need the money.”

Through its members, Canadian Foodgrains Bank is responding.

In Lebanon, we are providing vouchers and food baskets for over 9,000 people through our members, Canadian Baptist Ministries, Mennonite Central Committee and World Renew.

In Syria, we are providing food for over 40,000 people per month through Mennonite Central Committee and World Renew.

More help is needed.

It is expected that these needs will continue for some time. We invite you to make a gift to help respond to the suffering of the Syrian people.

It costs about $20 to provide food assistance for one person for a month.

The assistance helps people who are able to work, but who can’t earn enough income to pay all their expenses, including for food. Support from the Foodgrains Bank helps them to stretch their budgets in order to have enough to eat.

Learn more about people affected by the war through our special feature, Faces of Syria.

You can help! Please consider joining us by making a donation, and also by praying for those affected by the crisis.

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